Link between Heaven and Earth

The concept for this work was born from a desire for verticality anchored in the ground. The design thus illustrates water, a noble and pure element which starts at the top, then tumbles in multiple rapid and delicate lines before seeping into the ground. Water from the spring is represented by holes of different diameters, pearls of water that fall with force and poetry. When the panel is lit one sees a curtain of luminous droplets.
The embroidery on the sides are manifestations of moss and humidity on stone. This motif also strives toward verticality in its sober flowing contemporary lines. The soft warm-colored fibers contrast with the transparency and coolness of the water in the center.
The ground below is represented by the dark wool, and gradually moving upward I accentuated light with the use of pale cotton and gold thread, like a spring in the middle of the forest, bathed in light.
5712 holes and 255 hours were needed to make this spring flow.

Beech Panel with back lighting, Dimmer, Height 210 cm, Width 60 cm
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