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From conception to realization of art pieces

Innovation is at the heart of Aurélie Wozniak’s work.
Wood Embroidered, Engraved Paper, Pin Sculptures, and Paper Mosaic, are just a few of the many techniques she has invented. They have been created for paintings, lamps, walls and sculptures.

She designs and realizes unique works destined for collectors, art dealers, and decorators in search of rare pieces.

Both an artist and a craftsperson, Aurélie Wozniak is in search of new procedures, concepts and decorative effects. The originality of her work can be found in materials diversity and the way she made-up to produce patterns : she embroiders wood, paints papers for illustrations with unrestricted colours, decorates with “tactile pixels”, ornaments PVC with needles, works with top of the range laces from Calais, weaves noodles, engraves paper…

Every piece that she produces is a unique work, delivered with a certificate of authenticity. She attributes each one a name with a code number and letter, designating the elements from which it was crafted : the number of hours of labor necessary, or the number of elements it was made of, or the year of the object’s personal history, or its “vintage”.

Aurélie Wozniak also demonstrates a colourist’s experience. The use of tones in her paper mosaics, the multi-coloured set of threads that she uses in her embroidered wood creations, the shades in her paintings on engraved paper, are just some examples.
Like a researcher, Aurélie Wozniak undertakes in the heart of her workshop-laboratory her experiments on colour. She dissects it, decomposes it, to explore all its aspects and works with all nuances.

Her major invention is a concept of a modular columns board, that is constituted of triangular pillars independent one to the others, but appended, on revolving feet. The draw can be alternated, creating various pictures with diverse technical practices. She filed patent for it.

With patience and meticulousness, she’s able to give birth to large models. Indeed, for all creations of Aurélie Wozniak, Time is the master word.

Embroidery on Wood

since 2011

Engraved Paper

since 2010

Paper Mosaic

since 2010

Pins Sculpture

since 2010

All models and techniques of Aurélie Wozniak are registered design at INPI.

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