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Aurélie Wozniak is an explorer of material, researcher, in love with colour.

Research and development are the corner stones of her creativity, and she delves into her laboratory-workshop like an alchemist or magician, always in quest of a new decorative challenge. Wonder and novelty are at the heart of her endeavor.

One finds in all of her works an appeal to the tactile senses, whether it be the high relief motifs of pins, engraved paper, paper scales, the granular effect of pasta and
glazes, or the striking associations of embroidery and wood, which one feels impelled to touch in order to believe.

It was during a long journey to Australia that encounters with underwater world and the desert gave her first decisive inspiring influence for production, she began her investigation of chromatics and her research on materials. Consequently, she draws her inspiration from very textured elements to fabric artisanal matters and decorative surfaces : natural envelopes (skin, feathers, scales, bark) crystal and ice, rocks, lava and glowing cinders, embers and earth floor. She transforms her materials with motifs conveyed from myth, inspired by the night and stardust, using the natural world like Ariadne’s thread.
Shimmering and iridescent tones predominate in the productions of this artist who likes luminous ambiances of subdued, golden interiors, as well as richly colored pigments and warm tonalities that evoke to her the tropics and the force of the sun.

Her double training as an artist and a teacher allows her to lead children’s workshops with assurance and experience at the Georges Pompidou National Center in 2012. Aurélie Wozniak also organizes tactile and visual workshops at the Club des Enfants Parisiens since february 2014.

Graduate of the Design Textile-Matériaux-Surface School of ESAA Duperré, Aurélie Wozniak lives and works in Bordeaux and Paris and is an independent artist registered at the Maison des Artistes.

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