Organic matters


This white cavity protected by a membrane and a cumin-yellow shell appears to conceal a virginal mystery within. The softness and purity of this object is reassuring, but the cavity perplexes us. Like an oracle, this fragile volume, a breathing mouth in its frothy textile, is a suggestion of visions. The three levels of matter incite an irresistible urge to touch, like a burning desire for answers to our quests.

Paint, resin, textile, ∅ 15 cm – Oracle © All Rights Protected


This cylindrical object, open at both ends, displays a cozy interior wrapped in a shell of pearly reflections. The fine exterior surface is reminiscent of the body’s epidermis, while the dark interior color evokes the flesh. Around the hands, this organic muff acts like a protective skin graft.

* Muff, Plaster, textile, H 18 cm, ∅ 13 – Manchon © All Rights Protected


Beneath a thick brittle shell lies a soft white lining of an edible nature.
This fruit with a cosmic envelope is a promise of energy, once the spoon is turned in its coconut-like flesh.

* Shell fruit, Coated aluminum, textile, H 20 cm, Ø 15 cm – Fruit à coque © All Rights Protected


This vase, a totem erected in homage to organic matter, is conceived as a narrow passageway, closed and secret, through which one must plunge in order to break through to freedom on the other side. The exterior surface, solid and supple, with luminous iridescent flesh tones, and the warm interior together evoke an engulfing tunnel journey from which one emerges like one reborn from a transcendental experience.

* Way, textile, coating, H 25 cm, Ø 10 – Passage © All Rights Protected


This ovoid form suggests a foreign fragility with its crackled aspect. It evokes a fossil animality in long hibernation, a being in gestation one prefers to observe and dares not awaken. The slumbering strength of this presence inspires admiration, which like the egg, is realized with retreat and respect.

* Fertility, Coated aluminum, textile, H 20 cm, Ø 15 cm – Fertilité © All Rights Protected